Here at PLANTATION we do things with passion.

We serve all day brunch & dinner. All of the ingredients are carefully selected from it best source from around the world, Pasta from Italy, Salmon from Norway, local vegetable etc. All of the food we serve, we crate our own secret recipe and cook in the same way as we like our love one to eat, you can not mistakenly feel the hommy and comfort in every dish.

Our coffee list is extensive, you can choose any single origin your like and have it brew to your favorite drink.

If you are chocolate lover, do not miss on our single origin dark chocolate from around the world. They are very aromatic and full of flavor like ripe fruit, spice, wine etc. unlike the tasteless commercial chocolate. All of our single origin chocolate are at least 70% and non bitter.

Matcha we serve is imported from Kyoto. It is one of the best quality you could find any where in Thailand.You can choose the strength of Matcha in your cup from Mild, Medium and Intense.